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AGAbAnti-Human Granulocyte Antibody
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Without magnets, the fluorescence intensity derived from the FF beads held on the plate through the antigen-antibody reaction was highly variable.
The gel test: a new way to detect red cell antigen-antibody reactions.
These results suggest that a humoral immune response--specifically an antigen-antibody reaction--may underlie the development of Meniere disease symptomatology in carriers of HLA-B27.
Subcutaneously administered, omalizimab neutralizes IgE antibodies, and prevents antigen-antibody reactions from taking place on the surface of basophils and mast cells.
The prozone effect in syphilis testing refers to a false negative result seen in cases of high titers of antibodies interfering with the proper formation of the antigen-antibody lattice network needed to visualize a positive flocculation reaction.
ELISA is based on an antigen-antibody interaction followed by an enzymatic action.
The specificity of a test towards a particular disease relies on the highly specific antigen-antibody interaction, and the appropriate choice of an antigen captures only the disease specific antibodies on the rapid test membrane.
For whatever reason, normally harmless protein substances in certain foods may be mistaken by the body's immune system for dangerous substances against which it must mount a defense -- the antigen-antibody reaction.
The various chapters in Part 1 entitled Immunochemistry and immunoassays are headed: Antigens; Antibodies; Antibody production; Antigen-antibody reaction; and Immunoassays.
They found that all 10 patients ahd bound antigen-antibody complexes.
Immunodiagnostics is a class of diagnostics tests that utilizes antigen-antibody reaction for the detection of diseases.