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A/SAux Soins De (French: in care of)
A/SAuthorized Shares (stock market)
A/SAktieselskab (Danish: Joint Stock Company)
A/SAerospace Corporation
A/SAll Square (golf)
A/SAir to Surface
A/Santi-spoofing (US DoD)
A/SAuxiliary Steam
A/SAscent Stage
A/SAdvanced Supplementary (education testing level; also seen as AS)
A/SAkcijas Sabiedriba (Latvian: Joint Stock Company)
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Except for the evolution of maritime nuclear power, the PLAN missed or was very late joining developments that were common elsewhere in most warfare areas, including the employment of guided missiles in antiair, antisurface, and antisubmarine warfare; automation and computerization of command and control; expanded use of shipborne helicopters; automation of gunnery and sensor systems; and even the advent of automation and gas turbine technology in ship propulsion.
Against this, the Pentagon's report raises the possibility that the Iranian F-14s had been modified to carry sophisticated antiship weapons, mentioning that last February, Iranian F-4s fired antisurface Maverick missiles at a Liberian tanker near where the Vincennes was on the fateful day.
14 submarine-launched antisurface torpedoes that routinely missed their target or failed to explode on impact.
These aircraft -- the B-6D and FB-7 -- if air refuelable, would give China the capability, if not the proficiency, to perform antisurface missions in the Spratlys," it says.
Navy's P-3C Antisurface Warfare Improvement Program (AIP), which was awarded to the company in 1994, Tactical Defense Systems now has additional responsibility to develop the preliminary design for the integration of CEC on a P-3C AIP aircraft, including an improved display, communication and radar track capability.
The F-40 found its key niche in counterland or antisurface operations.
antisubmarine and antisurface warfare) could be made up by other vessels in a task group.
The team will provide program management, engineering, acquisition, and technical support services for PMA-299, a program under the Program Executive Officer, Air ASW Assault and Special Mission Programs, that supports multiple Seahawk helicopter variants, including the SH-60B/F, the HH-60H, the new MH-60S, and MH-60R, and multiple Seahawk missions, including Antisubmarine Warfare (ASW), Antisurface Warfare (ASUW), Search and Rescue (SAR), Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC), Communications Relay (COMMREL), Vertical Replenishment (VERTREP) and Naval Gunfire Support (NGFS).
8 million for the P-3 Orion antisurface warfare improvement program.
Its large frigate- and patrol-craft feet possesses a formidable ability to engage enemy forces using antisurface missiles like the Russian-built Moskit and Styx and French-built Exocet missiles.
With the MH-60S, they add combat search and rescue in support of strike warfare, naval special warfare, antisurface ship warfare, and organic airborne mine countermeasures capabilities.
Its primary roles can be grouped into three general categories: engagement missions such as antisubmarine and antisurface warfare; over water or overland surveillance missions; and network-centric warfare missions, such as command and control and communications relay.
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