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AWPAverage Wholesale Price
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AWPAssociation of Web Professionals
AWPAudit Working Paper (finance)
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AWPAustralasian Wood Products
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NACDS was supportive of the MTM section and the any willing provider portion of the rule.
Twenty-three states currently have some form of "Any Willing Provider" (AWP) laws, which force insurance companies to contract with any willing provider willing to meet the insurer's terms and conditions (Levy, 2003).
Several studies of any willing provider laws have shown that they increase the cost of care (Hellinger 1995; Jensen and Morrisey 1999; Rogal and Stenger 2001), and there have been a number of studies of the impact of specific patient protection laws (Hellinger 1996).
In upholding two Kentucky statutes, justices said nothing about any willing provider laws' potential benefits to patients, or whether they work as intended.
As such, Vivius doesn't credential providers listed on its website, and in fact accepts any willing provider after validating licensure to practice in the state involved.
Department of Health & Human Services, which oversees Medicaid, have said these "at-will contract provisions do not allow you to bypass the statutory requirement that any willing provider can provide these services," Huberfeld said.
It also recommends that the concept of any willing provider in healthcare will remain, although companies will not be able to compete on price.
We were hopeful that CMS [the Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services] would adopt a proposal allowing any willing provider to contract with Medicare Part D preferred networks; unfortunately, CMS caved in to intense pressure from lobbyists and tabled the proposal," laments Bibelhausen.
The Government also wants to increase choice by allowing patients to be treated by any willing provider, including private companies.