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ANZAAustralia, New Zealand and Asia (geographic region)
ANZAAustralian and New Zealand Association
ANZAAssociation of New Zealand Advertisers, Inc.
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Anza told local officials he would be using the property as a farm.
Anza had initially told Northboro officials he would be using the property as a farm.
Anza applied for and was granted a composting registration from the state Department of Agricultural Resources in October 2010 and applied for a renewal of that registration in March.
Anza has applied to build a single-family home and develop a meadow and pastures for his livestock at his 23.
Anza to comply with a March health order from the Department of Agricultural Resources and provide DAR access to his property as it deems necessary to inspect the condition and care of the 300 animals there.
Anza from bringing in any more solid waste and food waste or removing tons of the materials at his 15-acre property at 429 Whitney St.
Anza to remove some of the 93,000 cubic yards of fill he has deposited on the property.
Anza Borrego offers ``great scenery, geology and paleontology,'' said Dave Van Cleve, district superintendent of the the Colorado Desert District.