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AOLIAustralian Open Learning Institute (Melbourne, Australia)
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Then we'd have a table of hors d'oeuvres which would include mushrooms a la Greque, ratatouille, French country pork terrine, piles of warm onion, egg, anchovy and olive tarts, a big bowl of hot, pink radishes, large crevettes, a big wobbly bowl of yellow aoli, garlic mayonnaise, little canapes with puree of salt cod with garlic, and a bowl of salad leaves.
Set on the idyllic setting of Lough Ree in a moderncedarstructure, Ihadsmokedhaddock and sweet potato fishcake with pepper and coriander aoli, followed by cod with a mussel sauce and chivemash, which just melted in the mouth.
HOTEL DU VIN n Crispy squid and apple aoli (6) n Chargrilled rump of lamb, pea, feve, tomato and goat's curd salad, mint dressing (8) n Local strawberry and lemon curd trifle, granola crumbs (8)
Salsa, guacamole or garlicky aoli would be delicious as toppings for the larger burgers or as dips for small ones.