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APANAAustralian Public Access Network Association
APANAAutistic People Against Neuroleptic Abuse
APANAAsian Pacific American Network in Agriculture
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CDD/Bolivia was responsible for the costs of the medical supplies used in taking the samples and also undertook an informative, consciousness-raising campaign among the women of Villa Apana over the course of the year.
i apana nagara rahi karaba samala (4) 'staying/living' harasita hoya tihi paricaya jani (18) 'having learnt' se bujhi tinu mili karaba jatane (27) 'having learnt/understood' 'having united' -e/<-ya> parakata bhaya hame puraoba kame (4) 'having appeared (in human form)' peta bharaba duhu vanacara khaya (13) 'having devoured/eaten' -kahu paga bamdhi kahu dhaya taravare (11) 'having tied (the turban)' pana (pothi) laya kahu vividh racita phala laya kahu aja (17) 'having taken'
Mayor Apana decided the county should pay the $1 million required to implement the technology and then hold fundraisers to recoup the expense.
Sexual excesses may also use up ojas or cause doshic imbalances, especially of apana prana, which can cause many different problems of pregnancy and birth.
Apana now employs 23 people, and the help it received included consultancy on a wide range of services, such as marketing and ISO 9002.
Menaka Apana, 17, of Cincinnati, a senior at Indian Hill High School, spends her summers and winter breaks volunteering for organizations dedicated to helping AIDS orphans and other needy children in India and Africa.
APANA customers have demonstrated an average 20 percent savings in water use, and average payback on capital expenditure of 18 months.
bar]t) makes the downward-moving apana move upwards.
Biggers's six novels (1925-32) are much better written than their reputation deserves and were initially inspired by his reading about a real Honolulu detective named Chang Apana.
Promotional consideration: A Memphis Chicks roster spot was awaiting Matt Apana as soon as he proved healthy enough.
Kamikawa, Partner, Chun, Kerr, Dodd, Beaman and Wong, LLC, Honolulu and former State of Hawaii Director of Taxation; significant efforts to bolster a local tech workforce by Maui Community College Provost Clyde Sakamoto; the public and private interest in high tech growth by Jeanne Unemori Skog, President and CEO of Maui Economic Development Board; and the assistance available to high tech companies on Maui by County of Maui Mayor James "Kimo" Apana.