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APOBApolipoprotein B
APOBArchitects and Planners of Boulder (Colorado)
APOBAmericans for the Preservation of Bail
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Beyond finding that tree nuts lower total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL cholesterol and ApoB, researchers also found that consuming at least two servings (two ounces) per day of tree nuts, such as walnuts, has stronger effects on total cholesterol and LDL.
40) A pilot study has shown a significant 19% increase in apoA after 30 days of supplementation in a human population; in addition, the ratio of apoA to apoB rose by 19%.
As an example, type 2 diabetes patients often have hypertriglyceridemia and increased apoB levels, which are atherogenic factors, despite low or normal plasma levels of LDL cholestero1.
Lp(a) is an ApoB particle bound to an apolipoprotein(a) [apo(a)] component.
Current smokers had lower levels of HDL-C and apoA1, higher levels of triglycerides and apoB, and higher waist circumference than non-smokers (all p<0.
The lipid species which are the most atherogenic all contain apoB particles; therefore, some have advocated for the direct measurement of the number of apoB-containing particles as our target and point of interest.
Of those for whom treatment initiation is recommended, only 41% were taking a lipid-modifying treatment, and only 24% of those reached a target LDL-C level and 40% a target ApoB level.
ApoB levels were analysed in serum, separated, and kept at -70[degrees]C, enzymatically with a commercial kit (Dade Behring, Dimension Clinical Chemistry System) using the same automated analyzer.
Considerable evidence also suggests that ApoB should be measured after statin therapy, as low HDL cholesterol and otherwise normal plasma lipids can coexist with an elevated level of ApoB.
The patent recognizes the unique ability of the VAP Cholesterol Test to accurately report apoB, the next milestone in heart disease risk assessment.
Measuring ApoB and LDL-P by NMR appears to be a more discriminating measure of the effectiveness of LDL-lowering therapies, such as statin medications.
Mutations in apoB may result in a milder phenotype of FH, especially in children, (11) but the adult phenotype is generally regarded as indistinguishable from that caused by LDLR mutations.