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APOBApolipoprotein B
APOBArchitects and Planners of Boulder (Colorado)
APOBAmericans for the Preservation of Bail
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Several studies have shown that race, region, and disease state are associated with variations in the distributions of APOB isoforms.
The progression group had significantly lower TC SI, TG SI, LDL-C SI, ApoB SI and Lpa SI than those of the non-progression group (p<0.
739), suggesting that S4338N polymorphism in ApoB gene may have minor contribution in early development of coronary heart disease and therefore can be considered as a genetic marker for disease risk assessment.
The new research suggests that there might be a whole other benefit to reducing apoB.
40) A pilot study has shown a significant 19% increase in apoA after 30 days of supplementation in a human population; in addition, the ratio of apoA to apoB rose by 19%.
One of the most strongly selected genes is APOB, which in mammals encodes the main protein in LDL (low density lipoprotein), known widely as "bad" cholesterol.
Alternate atherogenic particles such as LDL particle number, apoB, non-HDL, and apolipoprotein A-I which is the major protein of HDL, are being identified.
The association between smoking and the individual MetS components, and apoA1 and apoB, was tested with linear regression.
Our best evidence demonstrates that, while DHA significantly reduces TG more than EPA, it also significantly increases LDL-C more that EPA, whereas EPA appears to lower LDL-C, LDL particles (LDL-p), and apoB.
The contents of TG, Tch, NEFA, apoA1 and apoB were measured by the commercial kits purchased from Beijing Applygen Company (Beijing, China).
08TG han sido propuestas para la determinacion de colesterol LDL-C y apoB en las LDL y, por lo tanto, el calculo de la relacion LDL-C/LDL-apoB (Hattori et al.