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APOCAs Per Our Conversation
APOCAnarchist People of Color
APOCA Piece of Cake
APOCAssociation of Postal Officials of Canada
APOCAsia-Pacific Optical and Wireless Communications Conference
APOCAssistant Production Office Coordinator (film and television industry)
APOCAsia-Pacific Orientation Course
APOCAsphalt Products Oil Corporation (Long Beach, CA)
APOCAlternate Point of Contact
APOCArmy Point Of Contact
APOCAccount Point of Contact
APOCAdvanced Public Order Commander (UK police service)
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The apocalypse can be forestalled, it turns out, if human beings start to behave better, if they are nice to each other and to the planet.
Bitter because such an apocalypse did not have to happen.
The announcement of "the end of the end" is yet another version of the apocalypse script: "an apocalypse of apocalypse, turns out to be an oxymoron" (15).
At its best, Channel-Surfing the Apocalypse combines provocative prose and fluid poetry, brassy style and feminist content.
In the comics, Apocalypse was born 5000 years ago and was raised by a nomad.
Apocalypse: Live Action Zombie Experience has been bringing an interactive Zombie Apocalypse event to the biggest cities in America - and this summer it's coming to Cleveland
Noting that this apocalyptic consciousness influenced Second Temple Judaism and early Christianity, she presents a theoretical framework for understanding resistance, history of Hellenistic rule in Judea, and multilayered analyses of extant apocalypses written in this period: Daniel, the Apocalypse of Weeks and Book of Dreams.
Abox set comprising Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Apocalypse and Resident Evil: Extinction is also available.
Aemilia Lanyer uses the genealogical model of promise, fulfillment, and supersedure implied by biblical typology and the vindication of the godly implied in scriptural apocalypse to accomplish several related aims: to represent her dedicatees as biblical types; to fashion Margaret, Countess of Cumberland, as the apotheosized Christian woman; to write women's literary history.
What other culture could make the Apocalypse seem as ordinary as a Happy Meal?
A select group of heroes must defeat the Apocalypse Dragon, a seemingly unstoppable five-headed monstrosity that has been summoned by the forces of Chaos in Mage Knight Apocalypse.
Nicholas Hoult will reprise his role as Henry "Hank" Phillip McCoy, aka "Beast," in the upcoming 2016 film "X-Men: Apocalypse.