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APOCAs Per Our Conversation
APOCAnarchist People of Color
APOCA Piece of Cake
APOCAssociation of Postal Officials of Canada
APOCAsia-Pacific Optical and Wireless Communications Conference
APOCAssistant Production Office Coordinator (film and television industry)
APOCAsia-Pacific Orientation Course
APOCAsphalt Products Oil Corporation (Long Beach, CA)
APOCAlternate Point of Contact
APOCArmy Point Of Contact
APOCAccount Point of Contact
APOCAdvanced Public Order Commander (UK police service)
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In the section entitled "Do Not Depend on the Great Crowd," roughly half of the Scriptures cited in full are from the Apocrypha (2 Esdras 8:1-4; Judith 9:11; and Sirach 16:1-11).
But the author--and audience--for apocrypha must possess certain characteristics in order to produce or enjoy the form, that a most elegant and demanding parodic genre.
The others mentioned in the Apocrypha are Raphael, Raguel, Sariel and Remiel.
Mathematical apocrypha redux; more stories and anecdotes of mathematicians and the mathematical.
We are rooted personally in prayer, meditation and scripture through the Daily Office, using Old and New Testaments, plus the informative writings of the Apocrypha.
An absolute "must-read" for novice Biblical scholars and anyone who needs to get a better understanding of the Bible and associated apocrypha quickly.
Artists and illustrators from all over the world are invited to help bring each of the 36,665 verses in the Flaming Fire Bible's database to life (they are using the King James Version, plus the Apocrypha commonly included in Catholic Bibles).
The Destroy All Monsters Collective that submitted its rock ephemera and apocrypha to an art-world makeover for the 2002 Whitney Biennial was just such a band, their visual sophistication balancing out their sonic naivete.
So was die verskyning van die filosofies besinnende bundel Sprekende van God na sy vier satiriese bundels (Cabala 1967, Apocrypha 1969, Heimdall 1974 en Saturae 1979).
Never had the Apocrypha sounded so - well - terrible.
So begins one obscure book of the bikers' apocrypha,and it's a pretty fair bet that the prophet who penned these words was an engineer above all else.