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Appyappaloosa (horse)
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It was an Appaloosa she rode at the family's Arizona ranch in her final days, and the horse that Sir Paul urged her to remember as she died in his arms.
VCG is excited about the addition of Appaloosa to the Colorado market and believes that the Colorado Springs area gives an economically stable market to operate.
The opening-day card begins with two appaloosa races.
In addition, our results of operations, financial condition and cash flows also may be adversely impacted by the unsolicited indication of interest in an acquisition of BEI by Appaloosa Management, LP, Franklin Mutual Advisors, LLC, Formation Capital, LLC and Northbrook NBV, LLC, and related actions taken by this group, including the nomination of candidates for election to BEI's board of directors.
Angels on Horseback Stella McCartney's last Chloe collection was famously inspired by her mum's Appaloosa horse and DJ Sara Cox loves a horsey logo on her T-shirt.
Formation Capital LLC, Franklin Mutual Advisers, LLC and Appaloosa Management L.
There also is a section devoted to American Indians and their horses: the paint, the pinto and the appaloosa.
Also at the ceremony was Linda's Appaloosa horse, Blankit.
Using the sumi brush stroke technique, she drew an open book with a horse (she owns an Appaloosa named Daisy Duster) on one cover and a flying crane on the other.
Helen, an appaloosa mare, lost her sight and feared attack from other horses.