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The Sun Sparc Server is an AppleShare server, making it a perfect candidate.
NOTE: Apple, the Apple logo, AirPort, AppleShare, FireWire, Mac OS, Macintosh, Power Mac, The Apple Store and Velocity Engine are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Apple.
Dantz's flagship product provides backups for multiple AppleShare and Mac OS X Servers, includes 100 cross-platform client licenses, and is priced at $799 SRP.
13 client, Prosoft's NetWare 5 services for Appleshare will be shown.
Supporting more AppleShare servers worldwide than any other UNIX-based server software, HELIOS also delivers cutting edge OPI, color management and PDF workflow solutions.
11 /PRNewswire/ -- Prosoft Engineering is pleased to announce the release of NetWare 5 Services for AppleShare, a set of NetWare Loadable Modules (NLMs) that provide AppleShare file and print services over a NetWare 5 server.
1 supports AFP (AppleTalk File Protocol) over IP as well as AppleTalk to provide machines running Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows Me the ability to connect to AppleShare servers and Macintosh workstations.
NetWare 5 Services for AppleShare enables a Novell NetWare 5 server to "speak" AppleTalk and appear as if it were an AppleShare file server to all Macintosh workstations on the network.
While they may choose to use NT or Appleshare as their main network server, a Linux Web, database and/or applications server costs less than alternative operating systems with equal, or in some cases, better performance.
Support for AppleScript, - Support for AppleShare IP - Improved multi-user support - Improved Canto Cumulus functionality
1 or later -- 24MB of RAM required, 5 MB of disk space -- AppleTalk enabled -- AppleShare Client required for Mac OS 8.
Great new features, such as central management of AppleShare users and powerful new search functions, are what network administrators have been asking for and what AppleShare IP 6.