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The Netserve/CD for Mac Solo supports simultaneous operation in the following networking environments: AppleShare 3.
5) was not "backwardly compatible" with AppleShare 3.
The Sun Sparc Server is an AppleShare server, making it a perfect candidate.
The system uses AppleShare or a Windows NT file server and an SQL database (Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft) server.
Netserve/CD and Maxtet/CD systems support DOS, Windows, Windows NT, and Macintosh users on NetWare, LAN Manager, AppleShare, and NFS networks.
She also highlights PC and Macintosh solutions, including OPTI-NET, LANtastic, MultiPlatter, Corel, SCSI Express, Appletalk, and Appleshare.
AppleShare - A list of login and password details for appleshare servers this mac has connected to.
Participants should have an understanding of Local Area Networking, and some understanding of Novell, Windows NT, or AppleShare.
Carson said the group liked the latest IQue version of Baseview's system, with a database solution that no longer relies on AppleShare.
Users on DOS, Windows, Windows NT, UNIX, OS/2, and Macintosh desktops can directly access the CD-ROM server on NetWare, LAN Manager, AppleShare, and UNIX networks.
Now, through the Partner Program, we are able to extend even more incentives for choosing our product as the key element in architecting successful network appliance solutions interoperable with all kinds of operating systems, including Windows(R), Macintosh AppleShare and Linux.
After clicking on AppleShare, your computer's name will appear.