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ATKAccessibility Toolkit (GNOME Accessibility Project)
ATKAmerica's Test Kitchen (TV Show)
ATKAlliant Techsystems Inc. (aerospace and defense company)
ATKAppleTalk (file extension)
ATKAndrew Toolkit
ATKAt The Keyboard
ATKAutomaattinen Tietojenkäsittely (Finnish: Automatic Data Processing)
ATKAgammaglobulinemia Tyrosine Kinase
ATKAviation Turbine Kerosene (petroleum)
ATKAdministrata Tatimore e Kosovës (Kosova Tax Administration)
ATKAvailable Tonne Kilometer (aviation calculation)
ATKAT Kearney, Inc. (consulting firm)
ATKAircraft Transport Kit
ATKAnti Terror Kampf (German: Anti-Terror Fight; martial art)
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0 of its ARA product line includes an enhancement to Open Transport/PPP to allow concurrent support of AppleTalk & TCP/IP over PPP, as well as Open Transport-Enhanced support for ARAP.
Microsoft Mail for AppleTalk is a great product and has held its competitive position very well during the past two years," said Rusty Rahm, president of StarNine.
While accessing TCP/IP services, using tools such as Telnet, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Gopher, World-Wide Web and Wide-Area Information Servers (WAIS), customers continue to have full access to their existing AppleTalk services.
Support for Multiple Protocols: Foundry's FastIron product family integrates ASIC based support for multiple protocols, including IP, IPX, OSPF and AppleTalk, ensuring smooth interoperability among diverse clients.
1 of AppleTalk Connection for Macintosh provides the newest version of Apple's signature networking software for Apple Macintosh computers.
Apple, the Apple logo, Color Stylewriter, AppleTalk, EtherTalk, LaserWriter, Macintosh, and TrueType are registered trademarks; and ColorSync, FinePrint, PhotoGrade, and Power Macintosh are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.
Mac OS, AppleTalk and Apple are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.
The microLaser PowerPro includes both AppleTalk and parallel ports, for plug-and-play compatibility with Mac, Windows and DOS PCs.
ExtremeZ-IP software sits atop the AppleTalk network protocol included with Windows NT, so existing software applications can continue to use the underlying AppleTalk protocols without modification.
AURP Improves AppleTalk Efficiency and Scalability Over the Wide Area
0 makes sharing Macintosh files through Internet protocols as easy as sharing the same files through AppleTalk, and is the first Macintosh product to utilize the Internet-standard Service Location Protocol (SLP).
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