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AQRAssociation for Qualitative Research (UK)
AQRAirline Quality Rating
AQRAlaska Quarterly Review (University of Alaska Anchorage)
AQRApports Quotidiens Recommandés (French: Recommended Daily Intakes; nutrition)
AQRAnàlisi Quantitativa Regional
AQRAssured Quality Routing (iBasis)
AQRApplied Quantitative Research (Greenwich, CT)
AQRAin't Quite Right
AQRAcademic Qualification Rating (Aviation Selection Test Battery)
AQRActive Quality Recruitment Ltd (UK)
AQRAverage Quality Rating
AQRAuto Quench Recovery
AQRAssessment Quality Report
AQRAutomotive Quick Reference (Northfield, MN)
AQRAir Quality Region
AQRArbitrators' Qualifications Report (labor arbitrators and rulings)
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AQR covered up to 91 percent of the all corporate loan in the banking sector in the sample, which is relatively high number.
David Kabiller, Co-Founder of AQR, commented: "The event provoked lively debate and, as evidenced by the audience poll before and after the event, shifted perceptions.
The aim of the AQR Institute is to fund and generate research in asset management, equipping individuals and organisations with the insights and tools they need to preserve and generate long-term wealth.
The AQR Institute's research agenda will reflect the current and future issues pertinent to the sector, from the challenges faced by chief investment officers in portfolio construction to the global financial importance of new regulatory and economic policies.
AMG said it continues to hold a minority interest in the partnership and will continue to account for AQR as an equity method investment.
that is likely that the AQR will require CreVal to increase its coverage
Finally, the European Banking Authority (EBA)1 Stress Test performed in 2011 examined 90 banks and although the capital level required of the banks was not vastly different from the CEBS's recommendations, the level of granularity and disclosure was much greater and similar to the Irish AQR.
The study found that Virgin America, included in the AQR for the first time, topped the 2012 performance rankings for 14 airlines based on a combination of its scores in arrival times, lost baggage, bumpings and complaints.
Osama Wahidi media manager and spokesman of "Hossam" association during a press conference organized by his association on Sunday in front of the Red Cross headquarters in Gaza has revealed the aspects of sufferings that faced by captive Nahid Aqr as a result of his exposure to medical negligence years ago, which caused to amputate his right foot 6 years ago , indicating that now threatened amputating of his other foot is needed after stalling his prospected surgery by the IPS in surgery which was scheduled him in both of his feet before his arrest
is the co-developer of the mental toughness model, while Strycharcyk is with AQR Ltd.
The programme is known as AQR, with A standing for Audi's sedans and hatches, Q for its Quattro SUVs and R for sports cars.
AQR launched its seventh mutual fund in early January, a managed-futures portfolio that seeks to take advantage of trends in commodities, bonds and other markets.