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ARAPAppleTalk Remote Access Protocol
ARAPAssigned Risk Adjustment Program (workers compensation premium surcharge)
ARAPArmy Readiness Assessment Program
ARAPAquatic Resources Alteration Permit
ARAPAccounts Receivable, Accounts Payable
ARAPArmy Remedial Action Plan
ARAPAccelerated Rainfed Agricultural Program (Botswana)
ARAPAccelerated Rainfed Arable Program (Botswana)
ARAPAeronautical Research Associations - Princeton
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Every newscast from the government-controlled radio station began with what "His Excellency, Holy President Daniel Toroitich arap Moi" had said or done.
Arap notes that developing D-KLAKLAKKLAKLAK as a drug next will require experiments in animal models of sepsis and other infections to further gauge the peptide's effectiveness and side effects.
The ARAP is a series of World Bank projects that has supported the government's National Rural Access Programme (NRAP) over the past ten years.
Under the former government of President Daniel Arap Moi, she was arrested several times, and vilified.
The entire system that has continued to underpin the Sudanese state from the dawn of independence, continues today and is presently at an advanced stage of rotting completely," Kiir told a gathering of about 3,000 people including Ugandan President and close ally Yoweri Museveni and former Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi.
Editors Pasqualini and Arap (medicine and cancer biology, U.
Six months earlier, authorities confined the journalist and activist Larisa Arap, a member of the opposition United Civil Front, in another psychiatric hospital.
The ARAP is a 63-question assessment that captures a unit's posture on command and control, standards of performance, accountability, and risk management.
Marina Litvinovich, a spokeswoman for Kasparov's United Civil Front, said that the forced treatment of Larisa Arap was the first such move by authorities against a member of the group, which has angered the Kremlin with street protests.
Daniel arap Moi), Kenway Publications, Nairobi, 2006, ISBN 9966-25-480-3, paper, 194 pp.
He believes ex-president Daniel Arap Moi had the murder covered up.