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ARATAAustralian Rehabilitation Assistive Technology Association (technology for people with disabilities)
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It will also end with the conclusion of Arata Kaizaki's 'ReLife' program.
For Arata and her friends, it was largely a friendly crowd.
The siblings, real names Billy and Emilia Arata, come from a circus family going back four generations.
One morning, in the sitting room of the house she shares with others working with the humanitarian coalition Solidarity With South Sudan, Arata, a School Sister of Notre Dame, expressed pessimism about the situation in the country
Since that time, and building on the work of other scholars--particularly Stefano Arata and Hector Brioso Santos--I have continued the ongoing process of developing an attribution theory specifically for this play.
Arata Pumpkin Farm is spread across eight acres on Verde Road to the east of Cabrillo Highway.
I kept in control and then decided to sprint with 200m to go," said Farah, who outpaced Japan's Arata Fujiwara and won in a time of 29:21.
SUTTON Christopher Arata, 43, of Sutton, MA and formerly of South Attleboro, MA, passed away Tuesday, January 31, 2012.
Arata Isozaki, best known for his design of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, may have been better prepared intellectually for this situation than most.
This volume comprises three sections: an essay on the villa's history (by Japanese scholar Arata Isozaki); photographs of the complex by Yoshiharu Matumura); and essays on Japanese architecture and interpretations of the villa, by Bruno Taut, Walter Gropius, and others.
Summary: Arata International FZC -- A leading global automobile company and the distributor for importation, distribution and aftersales service operation of Nissan vehicles in Libya is seeking to appoint dealers.
The three challengers are Arata Goto, 50, a former member of the Gunma prefectural assembly who is backed by some DPJ members, Keiji Kosuge, 60, of the Japanese Communist Party, and Atsushi Ebine, 64, an independent.