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ARCADYAssessment of Roundabout Capacity and Delay
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44) Eduardo de la Vega Alfaro, Arcady Boytler (1893-1965) Pioneros del cine sonoro II (Guadalajara: Universidad de Guadalajara, Centro de Investigacion Cinematografica, 1992), 98-100, 120-121, 174-177.
The name Arcady is borrowed from the name of an idyllic rural stately home in John Hadfield's 1959 comic novel Love on a Branch Line.
including Arcady (Wesleyan, 2002), winner of the PEN Center USA Award,
Rising to prominence in the early 1990s in the group Arcady (which also included Sharon Shannon), Keane went on to produce a string of solo CDs, all of which drew praise from almost every pundit worthy of the title.
Like the overzealous social worker in one of Josephine Dodge Daskam's clever stories of child life in New York's lower East Side, she wanted all the little Cordelias to pick daisies in Arcady when what they wanted were, not the terrifying croakings of frogs, but the sights, sounds and smells of Tin Pan Alley.
Lying thus in the shade, on his elbow, with his naked legs stretched out on the turf and his soft peaked hat over his long hair crushed back like the veritable bonnet of Arcady, he was exactly the figure of the background of this happy valley.
published in Arcady 2000 Dawson College Student literary Magazine,
Krier is engaged in a search for its Arcady, a dreamy version of its idealized form.
ARCADY 4 can model peak periods and applies to single-island roundabouts with three to seven legs.
where magnolias and roses blossomed over hospitable homes that sheltered lovely maids and brave cadets, where the romance of the past still lived, a land where, in short, the nostalgic Northerner could escape the wear and tear of expanding industry and growing cities and dwell in a Dixie of the storybooks which had become the Arcady of American tradition" (235).