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SIN-13-morpholinosydnonimine (compound that spontaneously releases both nitric oxide and superoxide)
SIN-1Arcsine (usually written sin ^-1; scientific calculator button)
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However, by the generalized arcsine law for each fixed R [member of] Z
Moreover, Quesenberry-1991b concluded that the Arcsine p-chart gives a better approximation to the nominal lower tail area, and the Q-chart provides a better approximation to the nominal upper tail area.
Arcsine transformations of proportions were used in the correlations.
Only assemblages reported using Bordes' artefact typology and containing 300 or more artefacts from Western Europe were included (see Moyer 1998 for a list of assemblages and variables) and Fischer's arcsine transformation was used (Baxter 1994).
Arcsine and logarithmic transformations were performed to normalize percentage and nonpercentage data, respectively (Zar 1974).
After transformation to arcsine square roots, they were subjected to analysis of variance (Little and Hills 1977) to determine the statistical significance of the effect of slope and time after labelling.
Each fiber intersecting the plane of the picture appears as an ellipse, the fiber orientation angle [Theta] relative to the plane of the picture is given by: [Theta] = arcsine (1/p), p being the aspect ratio of the ellipse.
Analyses of variance were performed using arcsine transformed percents to assure a more normal distribution and equal variances.
Proportional data (dead: live fronds, percent coverage) were arcsine transformed before analysis; non-transformed means and percentages are presented in the tables.
Percentage germination data were arcsine transformed before analysis to comply with analysis of variance requirements.