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ARENEAgence Régionale de l'Environnement et des Nouvelles Energies (French: Regional Agency for the Environment and New Energies; est. 1994)
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Enfin, les auteurs considerent les arenes de la patrimonialisation.
Previously reported mechanisms of the photolysis of ferrocenium salts (11) indicate that ferrocinium salts undergo photolysis to generate an iron-based Lewis acid upon the loss of the arene ligand.
Similar painted motifs are found in Italy as portable art, as in the Epigravettian levels of Arene Candide itself.
Dans ce contexte, des auteurs proposent une explication essentiellement strategique : la participation aux grandes arenes altermondialistes transnationales constitue une opportunite pour un mouvement donne.
Alberto Arene, president of CEPA, recalled that there is an agreement between El Salvador and Nicaragua with the shipping company which is committed to organizing and marketing operations, complemented by the work done by CEPA.
Les echauffourees entre les pro et anti-Freres musulmans ont fait des dizaines de blesses dans la rue principale numero 9 a Mokattam, qui s'etait transformee, hier vendredi, en une arene d'accrochages entre les jeunes membres de la confrerie des Freres musulmans et des manifestants d'opposition.
Andersens rejser i Ostrig i arene 1834-1872 (Copenhagen: Spektrum, 1991),a survey of his six visits to the Austrian capital, and her precedent is acknowledged by Rossel at the start of his fascinating and informative study, clearly designed to be read in 2005, Andersen's bicentenary year.
Among the winners at the music bash in London's Wembley Arene was Craig David who added to his growing list of accolades by picking up yet another prize.
Nstved municipality will use 13,000 m2 of tent divided into two locations, Which together with nstved arene and the two sports halls will form the framework for dm in skills in 2019.