ARISSAmateur Radio on the International Space Station
ARISSArmy Recruiting Information Support System
ARISSAngle Resolved Ion Scattering Spectroscopy
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The Minister also encouraged the students to pursue space studies and congratulated the school for its unique achievement within the ARISS program.
In general, managers of firms utilize pay and promotions as inducements to elicit motivation and performance from employees (Al Ariss et al.
Based on Bourdieu's theory of social fields (Bourdieu, 1998), career fields are seen as social arenas in which careers take place (Al Ariss et al.
29-year-old LArA Ariss, founder of cookery blog Keystomykitchen.
In our first article arising from this broader project, we identified and explored several key themes that emerged from our interviews, including interprofessional relations, Aboriginal cultural survival and revival, and providing care to those without health-care insurance (Burton and Ariss 2009).
James Benton sends a donation of PS30 and another PS30 comes from Mrs K Ariss 'in memory of Ray Ariss, loved and remembered always by Kath and family.
Ariss kindly sent me his manuscript, 'The Politics of Ritualized Homosexuality in Papua New Guinea' (1987), before its revision for publication, and asked me for my comments (December 1987).
Solidere's Ariss says that the company ensured no cost was spared to create something iconic that would be sustainable for many years to come.
Julien de Wilde is being replaced by Nabil Ariss, former vice chairman of JP Morgan (NYSE: JPM) in London.
Illegal Restaurants to Shut Down in Lebanon "Business at Lebanese restaurants has fallen by up to 50 percent since 2010 due to a sharp decline in tourism," says Paul Ariss, the head of the restaurants association in Lebanon.
Belinda Ariss joins Thomas Horton LLP Solicitors and will use her experience as a higher court advocate to represent clients at police stations, magistrates courts and Crown Courts throughout Worcestershire in relation to a range of different criminal offences.
Human resource planning is the process of deciding what positions are available within an organization and how to fill them (Dessler and Al Ariss, 2012).