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ARITAAirborne Reconnaissance Information Technical Architecture
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Arita es doctor en ecologia, profesor investigador de la UNAM desde hace un cuarto de siglo, y Cronicas de la extincion es un excelente compendio divulgativo de las extinciones de especies en nuestro planeta: desde los trilobites hace unos doscientos cincuenta millones de anos a los sapos dorados de Costa Rica en 1989, y otras especies extintas mas recientemente.
Arita, "Hiccuplike response elicited by mechanical stimulation of dorsal epipharynx of cats," Journal of Applied Physiology, vol.
That porcelain was the first to be produced anywhere in Japan and was originally called Imari ware, because it was shipped through the port of Imari, near Arita.
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About 20 dead birds were found at poultry farms in the town of Arita, and veterinary tests confirmed bird flu virus, Itar-Tass reported.
Imari is notable because of its porcelain, which is the European collectors' name for Japanese porcelain wares made in the town of Arita.
While I'm not foolish enough to start such a swoon-fest at the beauty and simplicity of the desert, I am suddenly constructing fantasies of buying myself a camel and revoking all my materialistic, worldly goods and sleeping on sand for the rest of my life, like Arita Baaijens, a Dutch women who moved to the Western Desert to live.
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They vary from Ranulph Fiennes description of frostbite while attempting the direct route to the North Pole solo, to Arita Baaijens' crossing the Egyptian desert by camel, to conservationist J.
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