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ARIZArizona (old style)
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The morning of Powell's departure was, like nearly all Arizona mornings, clear and beautiful; I could see him and his little pack animals picking their way down the mountainside toward the valley, and all during the morning I would catch occasional glimpses of them as they topped a hog back or came out upon a level plateau.
Under the clear rays of the Arizona moon lay Powell, his body fairly bristling with the hostile arrows of the braves.
It was now morning, and, with the customary lack of dawn which is a startling characteristic of Arizona, it had become daylight almost without warning.
Instantly my brain cleared and there swept back across the threshold of my memory the vivid picture of the horrors of that ghostly Arizona cave; again, as on that far-gone night, my muscles refused to respond to my will and again, as though even here upon the banks of the placid Hudson, I could hear the awful moans and rustling of the fearsome thing which had lurked and threatened me from the dark recesses of the cave, I made the same mighty and superhuman effort to break the bonds of the strange anaesthesia which held me, and again came the sharp click as of the sudden parting of a taut wire, and I stood naked and free beside the staring, lifeless thing that had so recently pulsed with the warm, red life-blood of John Carter.
In early boyhood I tired of the teeming cities and overcrowded rural districts of Arizona.
One of them's got his lungs touched, and she's with 'em down in Arizona campin' out.
You go away for a bit and come back and try to find your old pals, and they're all gone: Ike's in Arizona, Mike's in a sanatorium, Spike's in jail, and nobody seems to know where the rest of them have got to.
Arizona State looked like the NCAA Tournament-bound team and No.
The fact that M and E used the Wisconsin residence for more total days in the five-year period than either the Georgia or the Arizona residence is not determinative for Sec.
After America entered the war, the Chinese government sent hundreds of air corps cadets to the United States for training, many coming to airfields in Arizona.
It is as simple as that," announced Gwen Hillis, chairwoman of the Ballet Arizona board, at a news conference heavy with the air of defeat.