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The Arkansas Committee of NMWA was founded in 1989 to ensure that female artists in Arkansas have the opportunity to present their work to audiences and to help them find mutual support through the Committee and other female artists.
Research and Education, which includes links to Civil War lesson plans, links to archives with Arkansas Civil War materials, an Arkansas Civil War bibliography and timeline, and a list of potential research topics
The sighting stirred the imaginations of ornithologists from Cornell University, the Nature Conservancy, and the University of Arkansas.
Arkansas quarterback Robert Johnson left the game with a back injury in the second quarter.
The third sighting of an ivory-billed in the Arkansas swamp was April 5, 2004 by Jim Fitzpatrick, John Fitzpatrick's brother and executive director of the Carpenter/St.
One of the juveniles called 911 on a cell phone and then, apparently, began to look for a gun with which to shoot the Arkansas man.
Isolates from three patients from that county did not match any other isolates from county Q, but each patient's isolate matched at least one from another area in, Arkansas.
Realizing the challenges facing the African-American SGL/LGBT community and larger African-American community are similar but also too numerous and complex for one group to tackle alone, Brotha's and Sista's has sought to form a partnership with the African-American community in Arkansas to address these challenges.
For a time, more than a quarter-million Arkansas residents were without electricity and water, according to Arkansas' Department of Emergency Management.
After the board informed the Hathaways of its decision in February, its members met with ballet supporters in the Ballet Arkansas Guild and announced that the Hathaways had resigned.
The story of the 1919 massacre and the story of the STFU have been studied before in isolation, but each was only a single episode in a larger history of black organization, resistance, and repression in central east Arkansas during the post-emancipation period.
Arkansas is one of six states that outlaw the consensual sexual relations of only lesbian and gay adults.
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