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ARKSArkose (lithological term)
ARKSAssociation of Racing Kart Schools (Grays, England, UK)
ARKSAnimal Record Keeping System (computer program)
ARKSAmarillo Radio Kontrol Society (Texas)
ARKSAnti-Pregnant Rat Kidney Serum
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Arkose finished second to our Neptune contender Finian's Rinbowat Ascot and, although I had plenty up my sleeve on the winner that day, that sort of form would be a fair bit superior to anything Be There In Five has achieved so far.
Late Eocene sandstone exposed at the Medicine Pole Hills (MPH) in southwestern North Dakota (11 km south of Rhame) is a conglomeratic arkose that unconformably overlies the Paleocene Tongue River Formation (Fort Union Group).
The Unicoi Formation contains basalt flows in its basal units but largely consists of immature conglomerate, arkose and sub-arkosic arenite (Rodgers, 1953).
Francis Mountain rhyolite (fine to coarse-grained; pink, red, green, gray; massive or flow banded, pebble to cobble size), Keokuk geodes (cauliflower cherts lined inside with rock crystal quartz, quartz druse, or chalcedony; pebble to large cobble size), sandstone (fine to coarse-grained; white, pink, red, green, gray; cobble to boulder size; some sandstones are loosely cemented as a result of quartz overgrowths displaying prismatic crystal faces on individual grains and commonly containing authigenic feldspars), Arkose and weathered granite (pink, coarse-grained, pebble to cobble size, very rare), quartz (milky, pink, clear, gray; pebble to large cobble size).
Arkose and granite ranges outcrop in the far south-west and there is an area of heavy mineralisation to the east.
Though to have been part of the ocean floor 500 million years ago, the Rock, as it's colloquially known, is made from arkose, a coarse-grained sandstone rich in feldspar.
The ores occur largely along a major fault, the Bristol Fault, which forms the boundary between two major rock types, the Hartland Schist to the west and the Triassic-age red arkose of the Newark Formation to the east.
The safe path to this enormous peak of arkose (coarse-grained feldspathic sandstone) is marked by spikes set in the rock's western slopes.
TREC's current uranium industry clients in Wyoming include Uranerz Energy Corporation (AMEX: URZ), Arkose Mining Venture, Ur-Energy Inc.
Arkose Brewery was founded by Stephen and June Geteisen in October of 2011 in Palmer.
23 April 2015 - US-based oil and gas explorer Arkose Energy Corp.