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ARMSCORArmaments Corporation of South Africa
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The lucky winner will also receive 1,000 rounds of Armscor USA 10mm ammunition.
At Armscor, we recognize the inconvenience and frustration gun owners have in finding ammunition, and we are doing everything we can to push more product out the door and onto store shelves," said Martin Tuason, Armscor International CEO.
These comprise of a deal for 24 RG-31 mobile mortar platform (MMP) vehicles to be shipped in the next 12 months; deals from Armscor for the maintenance of and the provision of spares for both combat and backup vehicles; and a deal was with Steloy Castings for equipment utilized in the new Transnet electric locomotives.
I went to the Tanner gun show looking for a Smith & Wesson 15 or 17, but instead found an Armscor 6-round .
Armscor has been doing its homework, and the results are found in the newest .
Albano said seized from the suspects were two live fragmentation grenade, a Caliber 9mm Star Compact pistol with one magazine loaded with 13 live ammunition, an Armscor 200 Caliber .
While consulting with Philippine-based Armscor, he happened to mention the .
38 caliber Armscor with five live bullets and one fired cartridge case.
The TCM started out as a completely custom pistol built in Fred's shop; however, he managed to work out a production agreement with Armscor.
Some may not realize Armscor is a large ammo maker too.
The two "losers" in accuracy that day were Speer Gold Dot 165-grain JHP and Armscor 180-grain FMJ.