ARNSA Remote Network Server (Macintosh and Unix)
ARNSAssociation of Respiratory Nurse Specialists (UK)
ARNSAppleTalk Remote Network Server
ARNSAeronautical Radio Navigation Service
ARNSArkansas River Navigation Study (US Army)
ARNSAnnual Review of Nuclear Science (journal)
References in classic literature ?
I'd rayther arn my bite an' my sup wi' a hammer in th' road
cried Lord George, pressing his secretary's arm tight within his own, and speaking with as much emotion in his voice, as in his altered face, 'I arn called indeed, now.
The ARNs were experienced, highly respected nurses who participated in a comprehensive curriculum including role-specific education for the innovation unit program.
Tradition in Action concludes: "Francis and Arns are birds of a feather.
If only RSBN ground receivers of the ARNS system are concerned then coordination distance required is 13 km.
La segunda ruta es la del silenciamiento de ARNs mensajeros endogenos por miRNAs.
In a note to investors, Arns wrote that he believes a drop-off in movie and luxury advertising will affect the New York Times' results.
New-found newspaper industry expert Arns is concerned about the "robust" amount of cash Gannett and Times Co.
Brown helped launch a Save the Arns Appeal which raised a five-figure sum, while club bosses have given the green light for work to begin after sportscotland agreed to pay for 60 per cent of the repairs.
Arns, from the small town of Wenden in Germany, is one of many youngsters in the country to become obsessed by the Devil.
Arns has a keen sense of the value of historical record.