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AROAutomatic Request for Retransmission
AROArmy Research Office
AROATS (Air Traffic Services) Reporting Office
AROAfter Receipt of Order
AROAsset Retirement Obligation
AROAssociation for Research in Otolaryngology
AROAcquisition Reform (US Navy)
AROAnnualized Rate of Occurrence
AROAntibiotic Resistant Organisms
AROAir Traffic Services Reporting Office (Italy)
AROAccess Request Object
AROAcquisition Reform Office
AROAgriculture Research Organization
AROAutosomal Recessive Osteopetrosis
AROAlternate Regulatory Option
AROApplication Response Option (Computer Associates)
AROAbrasion Resistant Overcoating
AROAll Rods Out
AROAirport Reporting Office
AROAirport Reservations Office
AROActive Resonator Oscillator
AROAirborne Reconnaissance Office
AROAuxiliary Readout
AROAnnouncement of Research Opportunity (various organizations)
AROAfrican Regional Organizations (workshop)
AROAltairian Religious Order
AROAutomatic Reconfiguration Order (space physics)
AROAdvanced Reactor Operations
AROAcquisition Requirements Office
AROAdspirant Reserve Officier (Dutch)
AROAuxiliary Retail Outlet
AROAlternate Retail Outlet (Harley-Davidson)
AROApplication Resource Optimizer (software development)
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There is enough space for them to comply de Aro said.
ARO Drilling manages the operations of Rowan's seven remaining jack-up rigs currently in Saudi Arabia.
As part of the initial start-up of ARO Drilling, Rowan and Saudi Aramco contributed equal amounts of cash into the joint venture.
Owen had already been confirmed as ARO Champion Trainer for a second season going into the fixture.
El impulso decisivo es merito de Aro, quien preside la Fundacion No Me Olvides, y del coronel Geoffrey Cardozo, oficial britanico que estuvo a cargo, en 1982, de recoger los cuerpos de los soldados argentinos muertos y de darles sepultura en el cementerio de Darwin.
In the north-western most corner of Kerinci lies the largest consolidated tea plantation in the world: the Kayu Aro estate.
So you're thinking ahead and looking ahead for all these problems especially on the street," added Aro.
The purpose of ARO coatings is to protect the FBE from damage while being pulled through a drilled hole.
The collaboration will enable expanding the ARO and CRO services across the value chain of research from pre- clinical to clinical evaluation and beyond.
Boca Raton, FL, an online retailer of health and wellness products, has launched the ARO Black Series, a new proprietary sports nutrition line.
La Reunion Anual del Fondo Monetario Internacional FMI) y el Banco Mundial (BM) congrega cada aro directores de Bancos Centrales, ministros de Hacienda, ejecutivos de empresas y academicos, con el objeto de debatir temas que, como muchas veces, generan preocupacion en todo el mundo: las perspectivas economicas mundiales, la erradicacion de la pobreza, el desarrollo economico y la eficacia de la ayuda.
In the case of ARO 3 it attain borne ou s a lower value than in the case of a feeder line, as it is t by the theoretical analysis.