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AROIAssociation of Radio Operators of India
AROIAssociation of Radiation Oncology of India
AROIAnnualized Return on Investment
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The soil transect extends from the southern coast to the peak of the island on a single group of geologic flows (the Rano Aroi 1, 2, 4, and 5 flows), and then crosses another group of older flows (the Terevaka group consisting of Terevaka 1 and Terevaka 3) from the peak to the north coast (see Gonzalez-Ferran et al.
Hence, a comparison of an AROI calculation to an interest rate or a yield on a financial instrument is not meaningful.
His widespread knowledge of Internet marketing, public and private data sources, multi-channel marketing, analytics and database marketing will continue to position DataX, AROI, MSKG and ePoint as leaders in the industry.