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ARRONAutoimmune-Related Retinopathy and Optic Neuropathy
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They soon became close friends and after Arron turned 16, divorced mum-of-two Donna got him a job in the Little Chef, near Dunblane, where she worked.
James became friends with Arron when they attended Bannockburn High School, Stirlingshire, and allowed him to move into his family home last summer when he needed a place to stay.
Arron, from Jade Road, Anfield, was killed instantly after being struck by a Hackney cab on Breck Road in September 2000 while riding his micro-scooter.
They travelled to France yesterday along with Claire Alderman, a family friend was who travelling around Europe with Arron.
Arron, who lives in Wolverhampton with his partner and two children, may now be pulling in big money for his work but his days of illegally spraying buildings and subways are still clear in the memory.
It is fenced off and known to be dangerous but Scott plunged in to help a man trying to rescue Arron.
Helen, who received funding from skills network Routes to Employment to help with the placements, said: "Before Arron and Emma joined the business I was happy with the salon as it was but now I feel like my business has been rejuvenated with new ideas and fresh approaches.
GREAT EFFORT: (left to right) Arron Morris, Stuart Edge, Steve Postlethwaite and Ian McCord
When asked why he thinks the branded ice scrapers are such a popular choice, Arron replied; "The best corporate promotional products are those that are so useful, or so quirky, that people are likely to keep hold of them over a long period of time.
Arron leaves behind his parents Peter and Michelle, brothers Ryan and Jack and his sister Rosie, plus a large family from Redditch and Wales.
Fellow youth community worker Dessie Kerr said: "We held a fishing competition on Sunday, April 12, down at Craigavon Lakes in memory of Ryan and Arron.
DRINK-DRIVE Goalie McCormick; ANGUISH Amanda Peak lost her boys Arron and Ben, right