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Comparison of arterial blood gas indexes of two groups: At T0, difference of arterial blood gas indexes had no statistical significance (P<0.
Calibration standard of the common brand of arterial blood gas analyzers are documented in the Clinical and Laboratory Standard Institute.
Venous blood gas analysis reflects the acid-base balance at a cellular level, whereas arterial blood gas analysis provides information about ventilation, tissue perfusion, and the efficiency of respiratory gas exchange in the lungs.
2] measurements were obtained once at the time a therapeutic arterial blood gas sample was obtained in a convenience sample of intermediate care unit patients.
Arterial blood gas measurements revealed a PaCO [sub]2 of 52 mmHg and a blood oxygen saturation of 54%.
compared arterial blood gas analysis with oxygen saturation by pulse oximetry in the assessment of acute asthma.
Our hypothesis was that Intellivent-ASV is safe and provides ventilation that results in arterial blood gas (ABG) results that are at least equivalent to ASV or SIMV.
When using plastic syringes, the arterial blood gas analysis should be processed shortly after the sample is collected.
Topics include chest radiograph, electrocardiographs and arterial blood gas interpretation, practice scenarios, fluid management, haemodynamic monitoring, shock, airway management and oxygen therapies.
Arterial blood gas showed no evidence of hypoxia or acidosis.
The first arterial blood gas was done within 10 minutes of ventilator treatment in 48 (81%) of the cases, whereas the second was done within 90 minutes in 41 (69.