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ARTIAnnual Risk of Tuberculosis Infection (various locations)
ARTIAmerican Rescue Team International
ARTIAgrarian Research and Training Institute (Sri Lanka)
ARTIAir-Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology Institute
ARTIAsynchronous Receiver/Transmitter Interface
ARTIAudit Re-Engineering and Training Institute, Inc
ARTIAutomatic Radar Target Identification
ARTIAdvanced Rotocraft Technology Integration
ARTIApplied Rural Telecommunications Information
ARTIAdvanced Rotocraft Transmission Integration
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Hosted by award-winning entrepreneur and digital marketing expert Arti Sharma, the "Fuel Your Marketing Podcast" is released on a weekly basis and is available for subscription at iTunes, Google Play, and YouTube.
Vitamin D supplementation resulted in a statistically significant reduction in the proportion of participants experiencing at least one ARTI.
Arti said: "On his first trip, Gizmo wasn't so sure.
In July this year, the police recovered the half- burnt body of a woman, which was recognised as that of Arti by none other than her father.
The Presiding r Officer said: "It is fantastic to havea a role model likek Shami Chakrabr arti to come and speak to an audience in Wales.
VICTIM: Pensioner Constance Rimmer was headbutted GUILTY: Arti Fact arriving at Liverpool crown court for his trial
By earning CBP designation, Arti is among the elite group of professionals who have distinguished themselves as IEEE Certified Biometrics Professionals worldwide
Sixty-nine percent of all ARTI patients (304/438) received antibiotic prescriptions, with macrolides being most commonly prescribed (1671304 [55%]).
7m term loans of Indian yarns maker Arti Silk Mills Pvt Ltd (ASMPL).
Arti, 42, and her two sons - Akish, 18, and Ravi, 21 - fled Afghanistan after being targeted by the Taliban.
I was just doing my job': Modest Denis Loughlin with Arti Halai, and Carl Chinn.
Second song Delux is almost chill-out in its aural noodlings while Arti cial boasts oating synths and a bass which burrows into the brain.