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ARTIFACTSAdvanced Robotics in Flexible Automation Components, Tools, and Strategies
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Some artifacts are in some sense "purely" (or nearly purely) technical, in that they do not require human use once instantiated.
6 million for 5,500 artifacts of questionable origin--including rare cuneiform tablets (traditional clay slabs with wedge-shaped writing that originated in ancient Mesopotamia, now Iraq).
Pathological reports were reviewed for stage, number of separate pathological specimens per TURBT, and presence of cautery artifact.
Initial images were compromised by a discontinuous linear artifact that mimics the appearance of rain (Figure 2).
There has been a tremendous research effort of suppressing ringing artifacts in the past several decades with their hardware implementation (Bernacchia, G.
To this end, new conditions have been designed to conserve and display the artifacts.
US Customs officials seized the artifact from a Lebanese-American antiquities dealer who was attempting to smuggle it into the United States in 2000.
Some 3,000 historical artifacts have been returned to Turkey in the past 10 years as part of the ministry's efforts to repatriate smuggled artifacts.
To keep students from feeling the same way about the assignment, I organized the entire course around providing a foundation of historical knowledge, research skills, writing techniques, and analytical processes with the goal being the students' success with their artifacts.
A month and a half ago, the Syrian Ministry of Culture handed over to al-Uraibi 701 archaeological artifacts that were confiscated from smugglers.
Electrocardiographic artifacts that mimic ventricular arrhythmias may result in which of the following?