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ARTOSAssociation Romande Technique Organisation Spectacle (France)
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The 3,500-meter-high Mount Artos, located in Gevas region, draws the attention of researchers as it is home to approximately 150 butterfly species.
ARTos Cultural and Research Foundation, 64 Ayion Omoloyiton Avenue, Nicosia.
The performance is the first in a series of such performances within the framework of the seventh X-Dream Festival and it is being organised by the ARTos Foundation and the Cyprus International Performance Art Society (CIPAS).
All festival events will be held at ARTos Cultural & Research Foundation, and are free of charge.
The event organised by the ARTos Foundation, in collaboration with the Goethe Institut Cyprus, will present musicians and composers who will perform live soundtracks of their choice while the films or videos which inspired the musicians are simultaneously screened.
But if you doneIUt want to take ShakespeareeIUs word for it, then why not visit the ARTos Foundation in Nicosia tomorrow and Saturday and be a part of their event Moving Silence, a festival of sorts dedicated to soundtracks from videos and films without sound by contemporary creators.
Organised by Little Box Theatre in collaboration with ARTos and the Aigaia School of Art and Design, the event has been created to offer a platform to young people in Cyprus to perform and exhibit their artwork: a mix of amateur and professional performers, dancers, musicians and artists all aiming to inspire a youthful audience and promote the arts in Cyprus.
Today Dukakis will hold the penultimate workshop at the ARTos Cultural and Research Foundation.
OSCAR-WINNING ACTRESS Olympia Dukakis will visit Cyprus for the first time ever next month to host a series of workshops on "How to Work with Actors" workshop at the ARTos Foundation.
For the fifth time this year the ARTos Foundation is Nicosia will put on a festival dedicated to soundtracks from videos and films without sound by contemporary creators on Friday entitled Moving Silence.
Now a female bear will join long-term resident males Walker and Artos at Highland Wildlife Park at Kincraig.
Beaten down under the oppression of his heartless masters, Artos somehow finds the strength to flee and make his way to a British stronghold in the Welsh mountains.