ARUKAmateur Radio Union of Kyrgyzstan
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As a popular 19th code of Jewish law, the Shulhan Aruk, which is the set table of Jewish law, says that if a child is told by a father not to speak to or to forgive a certain person to which the child wishes to be reconciled, the child should disregard his father's command.
His words sound remarkably current when he argues that "the Talmud, the Shulhan Aruk, and other Jewish literary works are secret books only for those - Jews no less than Christians - who have not acquired the necessary studies for a reading of the original texts nor know anything about the translations that are in existence.
A flow cytometer analyser is required for the ARUK Centre of Excellence at the University of Birmingham.
On Wednesday, global traders at ICAP held their annual charity day, which I attended for ARUK, hoping their efforts would raise at least PS1million towards the search for an end to this dreadful disease.
Along with the NRAS, the group will also be supporting the Breast Cancer Care, Age UK, ARUK, Alzheimer's Society and Help for Heroes by raising money through their mountain trek.
2m to ARUK last year and has pledged to donate a further PS1m in the current year.