ASAOAssociation for Social Anthropology in Oceania
AsAoAscending Aorta
ASAOAdvanced Space Analysis Office (NASA Lewis Research Center)
ASAOAssociation of Shows and Agricultural Organisations (UK)
ASAOAdministration & Scholarship Administration Office
ASAOAssociate Student Affairs Officer
ASAOAnimal Shelter Administrators of Ontario (Canada)
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Paper for ASAO Formal Session on Men, Masculinities and Violence: The Contemporary Pacific in Historical Perspective, organized by A.
The ASAO region we are part of extends from Humberside to Berwick, so it doesn't have a strong local feel.
Pitchers -- Yuki Saito (Nippon Ham), Yoshihisa Hirano (Orix), Masahiro Tanaka (Rakuten), Kazuki Yoshimi (Chunichi), Takuya Asao (Chunichi), Masanori Ishikawa (Yakult), Hirokazu Sawamura (Yomiuri), Tetsuya Utsumi (Yomiuri)
From October 2006 until July 2007, he worked as a private secretary to Asao Keiichiro, a member of the upper house of the Japanese Diet and a former senior official in the Democratic Party of Japan.
The Kanagawa constituency has come up for grabs because Keiichiro Asao, a former DPJ member who has been elected to the lower house, quit to run in the general election, while Shizuoka is up for the by-election because the previous seat holder, the LDP's Yukiko Sakamoto, quit to run, albeit unsuccessfully, in the Shizuoka gubernatorial election in July.
cogio una amplitud amplisimo [amplisima] 'it took on a broad amplitude' ta mal alineao [alineada] la cosa 'the thing is poorly aligned' eso e como lo [la] gente de aca 'that is like the people from here' yo tengo un [una] botella 'I have a bottle' una presa bien parejo [pareja] 'a well-prepared piece of meat' la gente comia arepa(s) asao [asadas] 'the people ate roasted corn patties' esta civilizacion ta ma fregao [fregada] 'this civilization is really messed up'
Takahiko Kato, Haruo Akahoshi, Masato Nakamura, Tomoaki Hashimoto and Asao Nishimura
Nellymoser uses its ASAO Next Generation Mobile Media Platform to create and power mobile service offerings for Car and Driver including reviews, instant stats and message board commentary.
Hitachi has been keeping the rods at the company's Ozenji Hitachi Training Reactor Center in Asao Ward, Kawasaki.
Asao Fujiyama of the National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo and his colleagues used genetic material from three adult chimps to determine the entire DNA sequence of the animals' chromosome 22.
1995 "On the English suffixes -ity and -ness", in: Sakutaro Takahashi -- Kojiro Asao -- Riichiro Matsumoto (eds.