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He said that when the complainant, Asabi, told Cyril to return the sachet of milk he took, the accused refused and threatened to open it.
General Security has promised to issue documents as soon as possible," added Asabi.
See n65 above & 'Slamming the Brakes on Human Trafficking', The Asabi Shimbun, 9 June 2006.
Michelin Asabi Taylor is Miss Morris Brown College, an early childhood education major and a cheerleader.
And, over the years, Lurie has served as the staff or chief editorial cartoonist for various magazines and newspapers, including the Honolulu Advertiser, Die Welt in Bonn, Germany, the London Times, and Asabi Shimbun in Tokyo.
Bregstein observes (personal communication) that it is the only text in the Murasu archive to include the clause ina asabi [sup.