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ASAMAmerican Society of Addiction Medicine
ASAMAdvanced Services Access Manager
ASAMATM Subscriber Access Multiplexer (Alcatel)
ASAMAssociation for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants
ASAMAviation Safety Action Message
ASAMAdvanced Software Acquisition Management course (at IRMC/DSMC also known as SAM 301)
ASAMAssociation for Standardization of Automation & Measuring Systems
ASAMAdvanced Study of Air Mobility
ASAMAutomated Staffing Assessment Model (US Army MEDCOM)
ASAMAdvanced Surface-to-Air Missile
ASAMAvrasya Stratejik Araºtirmalar Merkezi (Center for Eurasian Strategic Studies, Ankara, Turkey)
ASAMAdvanced Scanning Array Module
ASAMApplication of Safety Assessment Methodology for Near-Surface Waste Disposal Facilities (IAEA)
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Even in the ASAM report, the association noted that in several categories there is little information available to set good benchmarks.
ASAM was founded in 1954, and has had a seat in the American Medical Association House of Delegates since 1988.
Both The ASAM Criteria and the DSM-5 indicate that "criteria and text are primarily designed to assist clinicians in conducting clinical assessment, case formulation, and treatment planning.
ASAM has addressed the prescription drug problem for more than a decade (ASAM 1989, rev.
The court was then shown CCTV footage of the incident, and Richardson could clearly be seen striking Mr Asam with a hammer, before the victim retaliated and grabbed the weapon off him.
I am very much looking forward to working with all SFS colleagues in my new role and to further developing financial services of Siemens to the benefit of customers, investors and employees," Asam said.
Most current ASAM members have board certification in an ABMS-recognized specialty, including 27% who are certified in psychiatry and 26% who are certified in primary care specialties (13% in family medicine, 12% in internal medicine, and 1% in pediatrics).
The Asam Back was like drinking treacle mixed with malt--any thicker and it would require a spoon.
It will be published quarterly and will be distributed on a controlled basis to all ASAM members and related nonmember medical professionals.
NetLogic Microsystems' product for Alcatel's 7301 ASAM platform includes a glueless solution, which is designed to interface directly with AMCC Network Processors.
15, 2003) are $155 for ASAM members and $179 for non-members.
Brian McConnachie, prosecuting, told how doctors, who had to give Asam 16 pints of blood, said the attack appeared to be an attempt to behead him and one blow had scalped him.