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John Cunha, a partner at Asar, dubbed it as a landmark transaction in Kuwait.
In addition to completing the share transfer, ASAR Bahrain identified and completed various local law formalities and is presently assisting with post share transfer formalities on an ongoing basis.
His almond eyes wide as anvils, watching Asar stomp towards him.
He added that Asar was also absent from the Arab Championship as he was in a training camp in China.
Asar said people with physical challenges have a keen sense of loyalty and dedication to their work.
Quite naturally you want to get rid of it ASAR You don't want to wait for the approval of the National Inventory Control Point (NICP), and chances are, you don't have to.
Based on the ancient Egyptian myth of Ausir, (17) Osiris Rising tells the story of Asar, an African and Ast, an African-American lady, and their comrades, as they strive to make emerge a new African personality to tackle African liberation issues and problems.
The company explains that ASAR services enable integration between the FileNet P8 ECM platform and leading storage vendors' technologies including EMC, HP, Hitachi Data Systems, IBM, Network Appliance, Plasmon and Sun, allowing the ability to intelligently manage content migration to different data storage tiers and individual storage platforms based on the business value of content.
ASAR services are designed to enable integration between the FileNet P8 ECM platform and storage vendor's technologies, which include EMC, HP, Hitachi Data Systems, IBM, Network Appliance, Plasmon, and Sun.
Se espera que la produccion de pollos para asar en Brasil aumente en un seis por ciento en el 2005 debido a una revitalizacion en el consumo domestico y en la continua expansion de las exportaciones, segun un informe elaborado por el Servicio Exterior de Agricultura Norteamericano (FAS, por sus siglas en ingles).
The University of Miami's Center for Southeastern Tropical Advanced Remote Sensing (CSTARS) ground station has an agreement to acquire ASAR and MERIS data direct from Envisat, with ERS-2 wind scatterometer data set to follow in the near future.