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ACBMAsbestos-Containing Building Material
ACBMActive Common Berthing Mechanism (NASA)
ACBMAdvanced Cement-Based Material(s)
ACBMAdvisory Committee on Biology and Medicine
ACBMAdvisory Committee for Biology & Medicine
ACBMAustralasian Christadelphian Bible Mission (Australia, New Zealand)
ACBMAssociated Corset and Brassiere Manufacturers (New York, NY)
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In the process, asbestos-containing building materials were damaged.
When these schools were inspected later, no asbestos-containing building materials were identified.
The Career Success Cave Creek high school has 12,580 square-feet of asbestos-containing building materials, and reinspections by an accredited inspector are required at least once every three years.
Examples of school environmental hazards include chemical releases, pesticide exposures, flaking lead paint, mold and other indoor air quality problems, and damaged asbestos-containing building materials.
In addition, the contract work may include removal and disposal of asbestos-containing building materials.
Tenders are invited for The project involves the removal and disposal of asbestos-containing building materials, lead-containing materials, and other miscellaneous regulated waste items prior building renovation.
Subject of the advertised performance is the implementation of transport services, the acquisition and transfer for recycling of asbestos-containing building materials (vinyl-asbestos sheets, flex panels and the milled material, including the asbestos-cement) under compliance with applicable legal requirements (in particular waste legislation requirements).
Invitation to tender : Detailed Project Description Professional removal of asbestos-containing building materials in accordance with detailed service description in the tender documents.
Asbestos-containing building materials and KMF must be removed and transported to a landfill (landfill without fees).