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ASBLAmerican Small Business League
ASBLAssociation Sans But Lucratif (French: Non-Profit Organization)
ASBLAssociation Suisse de Bryologie et Lichénologie (website)
ASBLAssociation des Biologistes Luxembourgois (French: Association of Biologists Luxembourg)
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Asbl Epicura Hospital Center, rue Louis Caty 136 to 7331 Saint-Ghislain (Baudour), acting both for own account and for the account of Louis Caty Clinic Asbl and Crche Le Jardin des Doudous, represented by: Mr Franois Burhin.
During the past twelve months, the ASBL has won two Freedom of Information cases against SBA.
The ASBL predicts that if the SBA is rolled into the Department of Commerce, within a matter of five years, the SBA's programs will essentially be eliminated and the individual staff at the SBA will slowly be phased out.
If Mitt Romney wants to win this election he would go on national television and read the names of the large companies that President Obama has given federal small business contracts to," said ASBL President Lloyd Chapman.
conditions for opening tenders date: 20/11/2017 local time: 10:30 square: Technifutur asbl - room s1005 - meeting reception, Rue bois saint-jean 17, B-4102 seraing.
Over the past decade, the ASBL has won more than 20 similar legal battles against federal agencies.
For over a decade, ASBL President Lloyd Chapman and small business advocates have fought to prevent large companies and their subsidiaries from receiving federal small business contracts.
You won't see President Obama mention the small business numbers on television because he knows that most of the money his administration claims went to small businesses actually went to some of the biggest companies in the world," said ASBL President Lloyd Chapman.
Last month, the ASBL led a coalition of small business advocates, trade organizations, businesses and non-profit organizations in sending formal letters to the Obama administration, requesting that the Small Business Procurement Scorecard accurately represent the percentage of federal contracts awarded to legitimate small businesses.
In the short time remaining before the scorecard is released, watchdog groups and small business advocates like the ASBL wish to increase public scrutiny of the Obama administration's small business procurement data, given that the proportion of small business contracts awards is dramatically over-reported every year.
2012, the ASBL Epicura Hospital Center aims to operate hospitals within the meaning of the law on hospitals, with a view to providing care to the population in the care area formed by the boroughs Mons-Borinage and Ath.