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ASBOAnti Social Behaviour Order (UK)
ASBOAssociation of School Business Officials International
ASBOApplication Specific Business Object
ASBOAssociation of School Board Officials (various locations)
ASBOApplication Specific Business Object (IBM Websphere)
ASBOAcademicus Sanctae Barbae Ordo (Latin: Academic Order of Saint Barbara)
ASBOArbeiter-Samariter-Bund Oesterreichs (German: Workers' Samaritan Federation Austria)
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Past incidences in Wales have included a 19-year-old from Rhondda Cynon Taff issued with an Asbo in 2006 for threatening and swearing at the neighbours of a farmer.
A casefile review in Scotland showed that 55% of those given ASBOs had substance abuse, mental health or learning disability problems.
A spokesman for Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University (ABMU) Health Board which runs the unit said: "Recent examples which resulted in Asbos have included a patient who not only took his frustrations out on a vending machine, but then smeared his faeces on a wall.
Mr Asbo had been attacking river users in multiple ways which gradually got worse as the time went by - before its relocation; the rowers had actually noticed that the bird became more and more innovative while in its combative mode.
The following year he was given a two-year Asbo for playing loud music, banging on walls and shouting abuse at his neighbours through a wall linking the semi-detached houses.
Ms Baird said the sharp decline was down to "the confusion created by Theresa May's airy decision to go beyond Asbos without coming up with any al-in more than two years.
Mrs May says Asbos are too slow to obtain and there is too much bureaucracy involved.
By bringing Asbos against these eight - most of whom are adults, they are not kids - we have taken out the core group.
Since anti-social behaviour orders were introduced in 1999, North Wales Police have issued 415, the highest number of Asbos in Wales.
Applications for an Asbo can be made by police, councils, and housing associations/trusts.
The reason I know they issued the ASBO because of my location of birth (South Shields) and/or because of my choice of car, is that today I received a copy of the attending officer's PDA "Electronic" Notebook entry.
Ashton Box, from Woodrow, Redditch, in Worcestershire, became one of the country's youngest kids to receive an ASBO.