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ASHAction on Smoking and Health
ASHAmerican Society of Hematology
ASHA Shell
ASHAcademy of the Sacred Heart (Louisiana)
ASHAmerican Society of Hypertension
ASHActualités Sociales Hebdomadaires (French: Social News Weekly)
ASHAdaptation Scolaire et Scolarisation des Élèves Handicapés (French: Special Education and Education of Disabled Students)
ASHAdvanced Scientific Health (research organization)
ASHAnthony Stewart Head (actor)
ASHAssistant Secretary for Health
ASHAsymmetric Septal Hypertrophy
ASHActive Session History (performance metrics)
ASHAmerica's Second Harvest (US food bank network)
ASHAtascadero State Hospital
ASHAlcoholic Steatohepatitis
ASHArgyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Scottish Regiment of the British Army)
ASHAustin State Hospital
AshAshkun (linguistics)
ASHAmerican School of the Hague (Netherlands)
ASHAllentown State Hospital (Allentown, PA)
ASHAustralian Society of Herpetologists
ASHAustralian Society of Hypnosis
ASHAmplifier-Sequenced Hybrid
ASHAllele Specific Hybridization
ASHAdvanced Scout Helicopter
ASHAll-Saints House
ASHAkademia E Shkencave (Albanian: National Academy of Sciences)
ASHArizona Society of Homebrewers
ASHApplication Session Handoff (communications protocol)
ASHAction Sociale par l'Habitat (French: Social Action in Housing)
ASHAirspeed Hold (airplane autopilot mode)
ASHArmy Space Heaters
ASHAnti-Self-Homing (torpedoes)
ASHAlternate Support Headquarters
ASHalt.suicide.holidays (USENET newsgroup)
ASHAbortion, Sterilization, and Hysterectomy (medical procedures)
ASHArchaic Sealed Heat (role-playing game)
ASHAgricultural Safety and Health (various organizations)
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Examples: Dameli pareci 'sieve', Kalasha of Rumbur parec (< OIA *parivecya- 'to be sifted' [7882]), Ashkun peica, peca, Waigali poca (< OIA *pativecya- 'to be sifted' [7730]).
The word goes back to OIA goccha- 'furrow of upper lip' (4269) with modern descendants in Ashkun, Kati, Waigali, Gawar-Bati, Savi, Kashmiri, Bangani, Khasdhari, Deogari and Bauri, all with the meaning 'moustache'.
in Ashkun mas, Ningalami mas, Gambiri mas 'moon', Khowar mas 'moon; month' etc.
A derivation < OIA cukra- 'sour, sharp to the taste' (4850) is phonologically possible (compare Ashkun cukala 'sour, bitter') but would seem to be without parallel in Romani.
in Ashkun veri 'speech, language, word', Kati veri, Prasun veri which are < OIA *vari 'speech' (11327), Bhatise chiel 'a goat' < OIA chagalika- 'goat' (4963), Bashkarik jeng 'shin-bone' < OIA *janghiya 'belonging to the shank' (5084), etc.