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AELPAskERIC (Ask Education Resources Education Center) Lesson Plan
AELPAlaska Electric Light and Power (Juneau, AK)
AELPAmerican English Language Program (various locations)
AELPAfrican Emergency Locust Project
AELPAllied Electrical Publication
AELPAdaptive Equipment Loan Program (various states)
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I asked Lankes about his work many years ago on the AskERIC project, and he said the following:
Lankes co-created the AskERIC project with Michael Eisenberg and Nancy Preston.
A search of the AskERIC database in June 2003 using keyword combinations "teacher evaluation and technology skills," "teacher evaluation and technology competency," "teacher assessment and technology skills," and "teacher evaluation and computers" generated only one article relevant to this report.
Part of this database is the AskERIC lesson plan collection, with GEM format metadata for approximately 1300 educational resources.
ASKERIC, developed in 1992 as a project of the ERIC Clearinghouse on Information and Technology, began to offer digital reference services, and, according to its director David Lankes (2000), the usage has increased 20 percent annually since then.
The entire class reviewed field-tested health lessons available in print and online using professional journals and websites, such as AskERIC Lesson Plans on Health and Physical Education (now known as Educator's Reference Desk), Microsoft Schoolhouse, Education World, EdHelper.
Inside the school libraries, users as young as primary school children may also access a variety of Web-based reference services; some of the most popular are KidsConnect, AskERIC and MAD Scientist Network.
Sites 'Powered by GEM' include: AskERIC, Canadian Heritage Information Network's Learning with Museums, MCI WorldCom Foundation's MarcoPolo Project, NASA Space Science Education Resource Directory, and the U.
The list is organized by type of library, with separate listings for academic and research libraries, governmental libraries, public libraries, special libraries, and "other" for reference services such as AskERIC.
Contains more than 1,100 unique lesson plans that have been written and submitted to AskERIC by teachers from all over the United States.
Resources for CALL Activities Resource Number (n=14) Peers/Colleagues 7 Web browsing 5 Books (Egbert & Hanson-Smith, 1999; Ryan, 2000) 4 Conferences 4 Journals (TESOL Journal, Educational Technology) 4 Courses 2 Electronic discussion lists (TESL-CA list, AATG) 2 Self 2 AskEric 1 Publisher promotions 1
The AskERIC Lesson Plan Collection contains more than 1,000 unique lesson plans written and submitted to AskERIC by teachers from all over the United States.