ASPERAAnalyser of Space Plasmas and Energetic Atoms
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Aspera said the 18 new officers will fill up vacancies in the technical service positions for legal officer, priest and pastor of the PNP's Chaplain Service and Legal Service.
Telestream Lightspeed Live Capture and Vantage Open Workflows powered by Aspera offers an innovative approach to delivering broadcast-quality video streams from the venue to the remote production facility live, enabling workflows believed impossible.
Aspera, an IBM Company, offers a set of software products to help media and entertainment houses absorb, stream and share volumes of bulky rich media files at unmatched speeds with customers and teams across different locations in a secure and reliable way.
If they file a motion for reconsideration, we should resolve that first before our implementation,' Aspera said.
Aspera FASPStream is a new turnkey application software line that represents the first open video transport solution for live streaming of broadcast-quality video over commodity Internet networks with glitch-free playout and negligible start-up time -- reducing the need for expensive and limited satellite-based backhaul, transport and distribution.
Conclusion: Comparing the three types of extracts, toluene extract of Achyrathus aspera L was found to be the most effective for antibacterial activity especially against Gram positive bacteria as compared to Gram negative bacteria.
Aspera has developed a software that accelerates the secure transfer of large files or data sets by up to 99.
Under the agreement, Aspera Solutions will offer SaaS (Software as a Service) Project Management applications developed by KeyedIn to its customer base across Ireland and the UK.
o The latest versions of Aspera faspex (http://asperasoft.
According to the company, CJ PowerCast selected the web-based Aspera Connect Server and Aspera Console management platform to satisfy its requirements for file transfer and digital asset automation.
From automatic file forwarding after upload to full-blown business process orchestration, Aspera software is designed to handle the high-performance transfer of digital assets in even the most complex end-to-end workflows.
Since both Xanthium indicum and Leucas aspera are used by the folk medicinal practitioners for treatment of various types of pain, the objective of the present study was to evaluate the antinociceptive activity of Xanthium indicum leaves and Leucas aspera whole plants.