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ASTEXAtlantic Stratocumulus Transition Experiment
ASTEXAdvanced Space Technology Experiment
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Cancer Research UK and Newcastle University have extended their strategic drug discovery alliance with Astex Pharmaceuticals for an additional three years, the charity announced on Thursday.
The report provides comprehensive information on the therapeutics under development by Astex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Country: USASector: PharmaceuticalsTarget: Astex Pharmaceuticals IncBuyer: Otsuka Holdings Co Ltd, Otsuka Holdings Co Ltd Deal size in USD: 886mType: P2PStatus: Closed
This report is built using data and information sourced from Global Markets Direct's proprietary databases, Astex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
In the first, the team advised Astex on its agreement with Cancer Research Technology (CRT) and the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) to develop potential drugs against an epigenetic target for use in treating blood cancer.
Astex, Cancer Research Technology Limited and Newcastle University have signed the multi-million pound drug discovery alliance and will work with researchers at the Cancer Research UK Drug Discovery Programme at the Northern Institute for Cancer Research at Newcastle University.
The primary reasons for the increase in total operating expenses for the 2011 first quarter were higher research and development expenses due to increased activities during the period for product development and clinical trial programs associated primarily with SGI-110, incremental transaction costs associated with the recent announcement of the proposed acquisition of Astex Therapeutics, and an increase in stock-based compensation expense.
Astex is continuing to strategically leverage its cytochrome P450 intellectual property.
In 2005, Novartis teamed with Anadys Pharmaceuticals for a pre-clinical deal worth $570 million and partnered with Astex Pharmaceuticals in a $520 million deal for drugs in pre-clinical and Phase I.
During his career, Kanner has held a number of research leadership roles at prominent life sciences organizations, including Bristol-Myers Squibb, Astex Pharmaceuticals, and Agensys/Astellas Pharma.
Heptares Therapeutics has joined hands with four pharmaceutical firms - Astex Pharmaceuticals.
6 billion or 4% of the total retail market, said Chairman of the National Info-Communications Holding Zerde Mirbolat Ayupov during the opening ceremony of the ASTEX 2014 International Exhibition and Conference.