ASTNAutomatic Switched Transport Network (optical networks)
ASTNAutomatically Switched Transport Network (ITU-T)
ASTNAutomotive Satellite Television Network
ASTNAlternate Signaling Transport Network (AT&T)
ASTNAssociation of Secretary-Treasurers of Nunavik (Quebec, Canada)
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surface area ASTM D1993 CTAB surface area Huber standard test pH, 5% slurry ASTM D1512 Linseed oil absorption Rub-out method Average projected area ASTN D3849 Table 2 - physical properties of silicas used Property Silica A B Classification Highly- Easily- dispersible dispersible B.
ASTN, providing programming for automobile dealerships on subjects from service procedures to parts management;
To date, ASTN boasts 4,700 subscribers and a viewing audience of 150,000.
Built upon key characteristics innovation and flexibility in the areas of Ethernet and TDM transport, aggregation and switching, high capacity DWDM, OTN and fast ASTN restoration, Ericsson's Optical family can deliver a solution for every application.
fire rating Rakoll Surepress N/A Spray TL0569 ASTN D-2559 Extrusion UR0218MF N/A Roll crusher, extrusion NP2075T N/A Extrusion Rakoll PU S 48 ANSI/HPVA HP Extrusion, 1983 Type I roller HMA 6000 N/A Slot die, roller Georgia-Pacific Resins Inc.
The plant samples were analyzed for total Kjeldahl nitrogen (Tecator AN 300) and phosphorus (Tecator ASTN 133/94).
aluminum composite sheet face duly covered with retro reflective prismatic lenses type (Confirming to ASTN D-4956 type XI ) Size 2 X3 = 6sq.
Construction, leasing and operation of a data carrier network for the transfer of game ticket data from up to 1100 collection points (ASTN) in Berlin and up to 680 Astn in Brandenburg, expandable to 3500 ASTN and for additional data exchange with the central data center of the German Lottery Berlin in Berlin, Brandenburg Str 36 The details are given in the tender documents.