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AHFAIDS Healthcare Foundation (Los Angeles, CA)
AHFAntihemophilic Factor
AHFAllan Hancock Foundation (University of Southern California)
AHFAmerican Health Foundation
AHFAcute Heart Failure
AHFAmerican Honda Foundation (American Honda Motor Co., Inc.)
AHFAmerican Himalayan Foundation (San Francisco, CA)
AHFAnhydrous Hydrogen Fluoride (chemistry)
AHFArgentine Hemorrhagic Fever
AHFAl-Haramain Foundation (Saudi Arabia)
AHFAmerican Hi-Fi
AHFActive Harmonic Filter
AHFAssociation for Historical Fencing
AHFAutomotive Hall of Fame
AHFAmerican Homeowners Foundation
AHFAttribute Hiding Factor
AHFAssociation Hémochromatose France
AHFArbeitskreis für Hausforschung (German)
AHFAssociation Huntington France (Huntington's disease research group)
AHFAmélioration de l'Habitat Français (French: French Housing Improvement)
AHFAdaptive High Frequency
AHFAdvanced Hadron Facility
AHFAstronaut Hall of Fame
AHFAlternating Hemiplegia Foundation (Association Française de l'Hémiplégie Alternante)
AHFAngus Heritage Foundation
AHFArmy Historical Foundation, Inc.
AHFAmerican Hobby Federation
AHFAlaska Health Fair, Inc.
AHFAnterior Hyaloid Face (ophthalmology)
AHFApproximate Hartree-Fock Method
AHFArnwine's Home Furnishings
AHFArbeitsgemeinschaft Außeruniversitärer Historischer Forschungseinrichtungen in der BRD eV (German: working group of non-university historical research establishments in the FRG)
AHFAssociation of Hungarian Foundries (Hungary)
AHFAerated Home Furnishings Ltd.
AHFAssociation Hippique de Fluquieres (French equine association)
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If racing isn't your thing, close by is the Kennedy Space Centre where - if you are lucky - you can watch rocket launches and visit the Astronaut Hall of Fame.
At the John F Kennedy Space Center there's an IMAX show on space travel, and the US Astronaut Hall of Fame celebrates their achievements.
Nearby, Space Camp and the Astronaut Hall of Fame also have facilities available for after-hours functions.
Meals at selected Space Coast restaurants and visits to Astronaut Hall Of Fame are also included.
Entrance to the Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex is included as are meals at various Space Coast restaurants and visits to the Astronaut Hall Of Fame (tbc month of departure).
THE centre and its sister complex, the Astronaut Hall Of Fame, takes every adult back to a child-like state of discovery.
And over at the Astronaut Hall Of Fame, you can meet someone who was on a real space flight.
The winning family will visit the amazing NASA Kennedy Space Centre and the US Astronaut Hall of Fame.