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At one time they were three entire days with-out a mouthful of food; at length they beheld a buffalo grazing at the foot of the mountain.
It was composed of leathern tents, pitched in a meadow on the border of a small clear stream at the foot of the mountain.
On Sunday morning we arrived at the foot of the mountain, which is crossed by railroad.
He perceived in one corner a door leading into the mountain, and at the foot of the mountain was a high rock on which was fixed an iron ring with a cord attached.
Jim did not make a mile a minute; but almost before they were aware of it he drew up at the foot of the mountain, so suddenly that the Wizard and Zeb both sailed over the dashboard and landed in the soft grass--where they rolled over several times before they stopped.
The desire of getting out of the reach of the Galles made us press forward with great expedition, and, indeed, fear having entirely engrossed our minds, we were perhaps less sensible of all our labours and difficulties; so violent an apprehension of one danger made us look on many others with unconcern; our pains at last found some intermission at the foot of the mountains of Duan, the frontier of Abyssinia, which separates it from the country of the Moors, through which we had travelled.
Rescuers found on Wednesday the bodies of the two workers buried alive in a landslide at a quarry site at the foot of the mountain in Sitio San Isidro in Barangay Candabong in Anda town, Bohol province.
The video shows the 22-year-old discovering a body in Aokigahara, a dense woodland at the foot of the mountain known as "the Japanese Suicide Forest," in a country that has long struggled with some of the highest suicide rates in the developed world.
Incessant rains over the weekend, however, loosened the soil enough to unleash an avalanche of mud, trees and boulders from the slopes down to the community at the foot of the mountain.
A fire that broke out in Jebel Douleb was put out Friday; local authorities have been seeking since dawn Saturday to extinguish some fire pockets at the foot of the mountain to stop blazes spreading to nearby houses.
The eruption is sending hot clouds about 4,500 meters towards the south-east," dpa quoted Nugroho as saying, adding that the local villagers living at the foot of the mountain have been told to evacuate.
Andy Luke, of the Mountain Safety website, who posted a two-minute video of the group, warned other walkers not to be fooled by calm conditions at the foot of the mountain.