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ATACOair tactical actions control officer (US DoD)
ATACOAir Tactical Control Officer
ATACOArt Therapy Association of Colorado
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Dario identifica la vida con la union hispanica y la muerte con la pervivencia de un mundo que desprecia lo hispanico: el anglosajon, y, especialmente, los Estados Unidos, pais al que ataco casi siempre Dario.
The influences that are felt from abroad are diffusing our heritage and our culture," says Cyro Antordo Pineda, who has been director of the Casa de la Cultura in Concepcion de Ataco for the past six years.
The Municipality of La Palma was awarded the first prize, followed by Ataco and San Ignacio
Notes: From Bourbon trees growing at 4,300 feet on finca El Carmen, an estate near the town of Ataco.
We are here to talk about the millions of American workers whose jobs are at risk without imports," said Bill Jens of Ataco Steel Products Corporation in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.