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ATADAnti-Tax Avoidance Directive (EU)
ATADAutothermal Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion
ATADAtmospheric Transport and Dispersion (model)
ATADAuto Thermal Aerobic Digestion
ATADAccess Telerobotic Assembly Demonstration
ATADAcute Thrombosed Aortic Dissection (surgery)
ATADAssociation for Teen- Age Diplomats (est. 1951; Rochester, NY)
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The original ATAD process operated by the District consisted of 3 ATAD reactors which were fed in series, a blend tank and a cooling tank.
The future of live streaming video, says Atad, is likely to incorporate multiple shots--not the typical one long shot that we often to see now.
Sequans' new ASIC has enabled us to build low cost, low power consuming base stations with high performance," said Effi Atad, WiNetworks CEO.
The Swedish Government has today proposed new rules applying to the corporate sector as a step to implement BEPS and ATAD II.
The trouble with these country artists, of course, is that they tend to get more than atad maudlin, which makes us wonder what kind of songs a Bee Gee will be inspired to write.
Effi Atad, CEO of WiNetworks, "Our patented technology targets the specific needs of the DBS and DVB-T operator giving a competitive, cost effective solution to the market.
Atad more tasteful really than auctioning off the Hutton Report - on the death of Dr Kelly - which Cherie graciously signed to raise funds for the Labour Party.
Examples of current installations include ATAD Installations, Oxidations Ditches, aeration of Industrial Waste and in Lagoons and Stabilizations Ponds.
Since I was already atad overweight after winning first prize for selection box scoffing at Christmas, I now have an earth-cracking four stones to lose.
Patrick Harshman, President of the Broadband Access Networks Division, Effi Atad, President of Harmonic Data Systems, and Mark Carrington, Senior Vice President Worldwide Sales and Services, will report to Mr.
Today Tatneft (TATN RX, TATNP RX, ATAD LI) published consolidated results for 3Q and 9M 2012 under US GAAP.