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ATANArc Tangent (Inverse Tangent)
ATANAsociación Tinerfeña de Amigos de La Naturaleza (Tenerife ecological association)
ATANAviation Electronics Technician Airman (US Navy rating)
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In Section 2, we introduce PLS estimators and give a brief overview of existing nonconvex penalty terms, and the Atan penalty is then presented.
Atan is having his first start since November and Flynn is hopeful he can get off to a bright start.
In the Fag Atan area, a 10-house village was destroyed in the explosions, according to witnesses.
ASEAN Exchanges' CEOs comprise Dato' Tajuddin Atan of Bursa Malaysia Berhad, Dr.
The committee is of the opinion thatthe imposition of a tax on such transfers atan appropriate rate is not expected to have negative effects on economic activity or the citizens," the committee's deputy head Ali bin Abdullah al-Badi said in a statement.
Fighting from the blue corner, Harriman battled the entire three rounds to subdue Hussain Mollamahdi of Iran in one of the six Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) bouts, while Mounir was swift in disposing of his Filipino opponent Atan Canlubo by knockout in the Thai Boxing fight.
Baines "Her dogan 100 cocuktan 45'i oluyor ve bu daha cekilen aci ve sikintinin bir kismi" diyerek diger bilim insanlarinin yurekleri daglamasindan dort yil sonra ilk adi Heinrich olan ama daha sonra Isvicre'ye goctugunde adini degistirerek buyuk beslenmesine el atan Henri Nestle, ki ben onu cocukken dayimin yurt disindan getirdigi findikli cikolatalardan gayet iyi bildigimi daha onceki bir yazimda sizlerle paylasmistim; Farine Lactee isimli sut urunu ile komsusunun bebeginin hayatini kurtarmistir (Resiml).
Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand "serve as the foundation of the ASEAN Trading Link providing a single entry-point access to three of the largest stock markets of the ASEAN Exchanges collaboration," Bursa Malaysia chief executive officer Tajuddin Atan said at a launch ceremony in Kuala Lumpur.
Se cuan delgados son los hilos que me atan a mi felicidad.
Cholpon Atan held the 55th session of CIS heads of customs services on June 22, 2012.
Atan Canlubo, a Dubai-based Filipino kick-boxer, in unfazed by the fact that he will face off Thailand's Sarayat Kongosopor, who is much more experienced in the ring.
Hepimizi onurlandiran bir gelismeye imza atan Prof.